Sean Dalby

Sean Dalby is a Development Seed alum.



Sean leads the data research on all of our projects. He starts his work by vetting and assessing possible data sets and thematic areas important to the country and projects we are working on, and then thoroughly researches key topics and issues. During this stage, Sean works closely with our on the ground partners to prepare and clean key data to be used in maps and data visualizations. Then during the actual project build, Sean embeds with our development team to serve as a subject matter expert throughout the build process. Finally, he is involved in our testing and quality assurance process and reviews all data before a site launch.

Prior to joining Development Seed, Sean researched Wittgenstein’s semantics and worked on a GIS project studying the foraging behavior of birds around the Shenandoah river. He received dual Bachelor’s degrees in mathematics and philosophy from The College of William and Mary.

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