Joe Flasher

Joe Flasher is a Development Seed alum.



Joe is a rocket scientist and engineer leading Development Seed to bold new technology and data products.

Joe builds systems that empower people to interact in meaningful ways with the world and the massive amount of data it produces. Joe’s extensive background spans commercial, educational, governmental and non-profit sectors. From robots, to sensors, to APIs, to duct tape — Joe finds creative solutions to complex problems.

Joe has earned Bachelors and Masters degrees in Astronomy & Astrophysics. He worked on the Space Shuttle (from the ground) and helped to build satellite imagery technologies in popular use today. Joe has experience developing video games and likes to sneak game elements into projects whenever he can. While living in Mongolia, Joe participated in the burgeoning tech community and helped build Mongolia’s first publicly accessible API and social media service for air pollution. Most recently Joe was the VP of Engineering at iStrategyLabs where he managed a large team of developers building amazing experiences for some of the world’s favorite brands.

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