Emma Paz


South Carolina

Emma is an application developer at Development Seed. Passionate about geography, data, and code, she seeks to build valuable, map-centric tools that bring compelling data and visualizations to decision-makers. Emma loves challenges that include wrangling data together, leveraging databases for spatial analyses, simplifying workflows for researchers and technical users, and building interactive apps to engage the public.

Emma has a B.S. in Biology from Kennesaw State University in Georgia. She started her geospatial career while obtaining her M.S. Environmental Science degree at the College of Charleston in South Carolina. Since then, she’s worked in private and public sector roles that have fueled her love of technology, leading her to exciting projects & responsibilities (like supporting Emergency Management operations for the City of Charleston during the Atlantic Hurricane Seasons) and enabling her to collaborate within. Across teams of people, she admires and continues to learn from.

And while coding to her heart’s content daily, Emma loves to get outside as much as possible. When not traveling or exploring local trails with friends & family, you can often find her on the water - sweep rowing with her local club, biking or jogging around town, shooting hoops at a local park, or simply grilling in her backyard.

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