Welcome Sowmya, product owner, to the team!


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We’re excited to welcome Sowmya as product owner to the team! Sowmya has strong experience in product management, creating a shared vision that focuses on the why and what while empowering her team to focus on the how. She joins the project team that redefines how people discover and search across large catalogs of (geospatial) data. Sowmya is passionate about using data to build products that matter for the people who use them.

Prior to joining Development Seed, Sowmya worked at American Society for Quality where she focused on strategy execution and continuous improvement processes. Sowmya has an MS in Business Analytics and Project Management from the University of Connecticut, with a minor in International Business in a course abroad program from Emlyon Business School in France.

Outside of work, Sowmya enjoys exploring Earth’s ecosystems and natural beauty which fuels her commitment to environmental justice and sustainability.

Join me in welcoming Sowmya to the team! 👋


Sowmya hiking at Voyageurs National Park in Minnesota

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