Welcome Ciaran, cloud engineer, to the team!


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I’m pleased to welcome Ciaran to Development Seed! He is a cloud engineer who brings deep expertise around developing serverless tools and environments to use with global sized datasets to the team. In particular, he has extensive experience with Sentinel data and deep scientific knowledge of satellite imagery and processing. He will join our team working to ingest, catalog and distribute new commercial datasets with groups like NASA and other data providers. In this capacity he’ll extract satellite orbit data to display satellite tracks on the frontend and focus on improving the overall architecture for this capability.

Ciaran has developed rigorous coding standards due to the nature of his background. As a data engineer at the UK Hydrographic Office (UKHO) he produced serverless data pipelines that used deep learning models to perform inferences at a global scale. He’s built cartography products that people’s lives depended on, including for his dissertation project, where he created a spatial dashboard for first responders and disaster relief planners.

Outside of work, Ciaran often daydreams how he can achieve his childhood dream of becoming an astronaut 👩‍🚀, but for now has settled on working with satellite imagery.

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Say hi 👋🏼 to Ciaran on Twitter and welcome him to the team!

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