Zhuangfang NaNa Yi joins Development Seed


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Join us in welcoming Zhuangfang NaNa Yi to Development Seed! Zhuangfang will help refine our machine learning algorithms and distributed computing abilities. She finds insights in complex datasets using machine learning and multi-layer neural networks.

Zhuangfang will begin contributing immediately on Skynet, our machine learning platform for detecting features from satellite imagery and open data. She will be exploring new frameworks and approaches, and fine-tuning our current methods for better results.

Zhuangfang singing karaoke! Zhuangfang singing karaoke!

Before joining Development Seed, Zhuangfang researched environmental science at the World Agroforestry Centre. Most recently, she was a data science fellow at The Data Incubator. She has 21 research publications to date. She primarily codes in Python and R

Fun fact: Zhaungfang was a traditional Dai (or Tai Lue) dancer. She also enjoys karaoke, running, and rock climbing in her spare time.

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