See you at FOSS4GNA


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We’re headed down to Raleigh for FOSS4G NA — North America’s largest annual conference on Open Source Geospatial Software. We are big supporters of open geo, so we can’t wait for a week of stellar presentations and fascinating hallway conversations with hundreds of other open geo geeks.

You can see some of what we’ve been working at two sessions, both on Tuesday at 5:40pm.

  • Anand will demonstrate tools that we’ve developed for geographic analysis on vector tiles. This allows users to interact with the underlying data in vector tiles and perform sophisticated analytics instantly in their browser. (302C — Tuesday @ 17:40)
  • Matt will present the latest release of GIPPY, a python toolkit for fast, distributed processing of large remote sensing data sets. (304 — Tuesday @ 17:40)

Also look for Drew, Marc, and myself. Hit any of us on twitter if you want to meet up.

NB: We had a serious team discussion on whether to decline to attend FOSS4G NA in order to register our outrage over the new North Carolina law that encourages discrimination. The law runs counter to our values and isn’t conducive to the type of events we want to attend. The FOSS4G NA conference organizers have handled the situation remarkably well as has the City of Raleigh, which in the end, influenced our decision to attend.

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