Launching v0.5 of landsat-util


1 min read

We just released a new version of landsat-util, version 0.5. This version is lighter and has fewer dependencies. Landsat-util v0.5 downloads and processes images much faster and gives users more control.

Installing landsat-util now is considerably easier for Mac and Linux users. We are still working to make it as easy to run on Windows.

This new version reflects a significant change in our thinking on landsat-util. We’ve moved to using faster and simpler frameworks to optimize processing. We removed heavy dependencies, such as ImageMagick and Orfeo Toolbox, that were causing installation problems. We leveraged faster processing frameworks like Rasterio, numpy, and scipy. These changes significantly optimize disk and memory usage resulting in faster and less error-prone processing. Landsat-util can now process images 3x faster.

We’ll post more of the technical details on how we rebuilt landsat-util and what’s under the hood. In the meantime hit us up at FOSS4G in San Francisco all week to learn more.

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