Tunisia Open Election Data


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Tunisia’s 2011 elections were the first free and accountable elections in the country. Today, data from the 2011 election is now available on tunisiaelectiondata.org. As the country prepares for general elections later this year NGOs, political parties, and the election commission will use this data to plan better elections.

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Infrastructure for accountable elections

Tunisiaelectiondata.org is possible because Tunisian open government hacktivists scraped the website of the Tunisian election commission (ISIE) shortly after the 2011 election and published the raw data. This valuable resource was largely untapped until Democracy International provided the glue connecting Tunisian civic hackers with Tunisian election oversight organizations, like Mourakiboun. With strategy and technology help from Democracy International and Development Seed, Mourakiboun built and manages Tunisianelectiondata.org. Today, the site provides important infrastructure for accountable elections.

The website code and all of the data is open. You can fork it on Github.

Mapping every polling station

Mourakiboun is currently sending volunteers around the country to collect the coordinates of all 4,833 polling locations in Tunisia. Political parties and election observers will use this data to organize their efforts around elections. This data will help the Tunisian election commission (ISIE) to better plan additional polling locations and to better allocate ballots.

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