Week in DC Tech: President’s Day Edition


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Happy President’s Day! While it’s a short week for some, it’s still a full week of technology events in the city. Below are our picks for the week, and you can find a full calendar over at DC Tech Events.

Monday, February 20

7:00 pm

NodeDC + DCjQuery Meetup : Tonight the NodeDC and DCjQuery groups are joining forces for a joint meetup on all things JavaScript. Lightning talks will cover topics like async.js, HTML Canvas, and building gaming sites. Come out to learn about Node.js and meet developers working with it, jQuery, and JavaScript.

Tuesday, February 21

7:00 pm

Django District : This month’s Django meetup will have lightning talks on seven different topics related to the web framework, ranging from integrating EC2 and Github to building multilingual sites to what’s coming in Django 1.4. Come out to learn more about Django and meet other developers using it.

NetSquared Meetup : This month NetSquared will host a conversation with Clay Johnson, author of The Information Diet, where he’ll discuss his book and answer questions.

Wednesday, February 22

7:00 pm

ONA DC : This month’s meetup will look at LegiStorm, a site that puts out data on Congress and all of its staff. Specifically, folks from LegiStorm will demo their new paid subscription service and show what data it includes.

Thursday, February 23

7:15 pm

Selenium Basics : This month’s meetup around Selenium, a web application testing system that automates browsers, will cover the basics of creating and running tests.

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