Discussion Today on the Future of Open Data at the World Bank


2 min read

Today at noon the World Bank’s data team will lead a public discussion on what is next for open data at the World Bank, sharing their plans to open up more data — including financial and operational data — and make it more accessible via visualizations, maps, and more. You can find out how to attend and submit questions in advance over at the event listing.

This is part of the World Bank’s larger push to open up their data, which they started last spring by opening up data on 2,000+ development indicators for the first time on data.worldbank.org. At the time this was one of the most aggressive shifts to open data in the international development sector, and the World Bank aims to continue to lead the way by releasing more data in smart, practical, and usable ways.

We are working with the World Bank on the strategy of how to make more data public, make the changes internally to support this, and to release the data in a usable way to the public through open formats, useful visualizations, and useful content. Today’s discussion, led by Tariq Khokhar, will be interesting and give good insight to their plans and the reasoning behind the decisions.

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