Wei Ji Leong


New Zealand

Wei Ji is a Machine Learning Engineer. He works to streamline geospatial data pipelines as part of the GeoAI team, building out the next generation of cloud-native machine learning tools for Earth Observation data. He enjoys connecting dots across free and open-source software communities like Pangeo and believes in collaborative approaches to tackling sea level rise and climate change issues.

With a background in Remote Sensing, Wei Ji has a knack for handling all sorts of satellite and aerogeophysical datasets. He’s worked on optical multispectral images during his recent postdoc and several flavors of Synthetic Aperture Radar (PolSAR, InSAR) at the Frontier Development Lab 2022. Before that, he dabbled with ICESat-2 laser altimetry data during his Ph.D., high resolution (cm-scale) aerial imagery and LiDAR point clouds at e-Spatial, and geoprocessing of vector road networks and address databases during an internship at Land Information New Zealand.

When he’s not maintaining some open-source library on GitHub, Wei Ji likes to cycle and take strolls along the waterfront. On some special days, he can get really into making food (almost) from scratch, such as dumplings, vegan cakes, kimchi, and fruit jams.

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