Bonnie Bogle

Bonnie Bogle is a Development Seed alum.



As our operations manager, Bonnie runs everything behind the scenes at Development Seed from our finances to our logistics to our office. She develops efficient systems that let us stay organized without a lot of overhead, allowing us to stay small, agile, and focused on building open source tools.

In addition to her role as operations manager, Bonnie leads our communications, managing our blog, twitter accounts, and most other external messaging. She is active in the local technology community, having organized monthly technology meetups in Washington, DC for more than three years and promoting other local events in her weekly Week in DC Tech blog post. She was also the lead organizer of DrupalCon DC, an international conference that drew more than 1,400 people, where she organized and ran all event logistics, communications, and coordination.

Before joining Development Seed, Bonnie ran online communications at NTEN, the Nonprofit Technology Network. She’s also worked as a journalist, a researcher, and an online writer for nonprofits in DC and in Latin America. Bonnie holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from American University in Washington, DC.

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