AJ Ashton

AJ Ashton is a Development Seed alum.



AJ is a cartographer and developer at Development Seed. AJ works with data and designs beautiful custom maps, including most of the tiles available from MapBox. All of these maps were created using open source tools, including TileMill and others.

AJ is also a skilled GIS developer and works closely with our mapping team on the development of MapBox products, a suite of open source tools that make it easier to create custom maps and host them in the cloud. His technical skills allow him to make inventive use of open source mapping toolkits like Carto, GDAL, and Mapnik to pioneer new techniques for designing maps for the web. AJ is active in many of these open source communities and participated in the first ever code sprint for Mapnik in London.

AJ has a background in art, having received his degree from the Georgian College for Fine Arts near Toronto, Canada. While studying, he exhibited his artwork - mostly intaglio printmaking - in multiple galleries in Canada.

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