Tristen Brown

Tristen Brown is a Development Seed alum.


Graphic + UI Designer

Tristen creates intuitive, easy to use, and accessible user interfaces that improve the functionality of our websites, data visualizations, maps, and other online tools. He blends his eye for innovative design with solid experience in web development - particularly in JavaScript and Node.js - allowing him to design interfaces that complement and enhance the usability of our tools.

Prior to joining Development Seed, Tristen designed and built websites for academic and nonprofit institutions. He also led web development projects at some the largest advertising agencies in Toronto, where he pushed for clean, enticing designs - and for open source tools.

Tristen is also a trumpet player who enjoys jazz and composing and performing music. He earned a Bachelor’s of Art degree from the University of Toronto Faculty of Music and later completed a residency at the Canadian Film Centre Media Lab with a focus on software. He hails from Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

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