Michael Suttles


Project Operations

Michael Suttles is a Project Manager at Development Seed. He is passionate about projects that are user-focused, from geospatial issues that help tackle climate change to human rights issues in East Asian countries. Michael has a varied background in research and analysis, cybersecurity, technology, data science, and project management.

Michael has experience in managing a multitude of geospatial-focused projects, ranging from assisting a client in identifying how solar storms would affect satellites to brainstorming ways to use satellite imagery to identify crops growing in a field to support the USDA. He has managed a variety of small and large projects, such as a data science project for an animal rescue nonprofit as well as a large data project at Facebook. Michael is excited to join the team and continue working on cutting-edge solutions related to exploration and climate change.

Michael obtained his BA in Sociology at The University of Texas at Austin and his MA in International Affairs and Development at The George Washington University. Outside of work, he enjoys visiting art museums, traveling, reading, and watching science fiction and documentaries.

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