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Maps for your project, planning, or machine learning.

Accurate maps and location data are critical to the work of governments and development organizations. Many projects are working with maps that are woefully outdated or working in places where there is no map at all.

DevSeed Data puts rich accurate maps into the hands of decisionmakers. We create, curate and validate highly accurate maps and geographic data. Our maps are used to plan of off-grid energy services, evaluate the impact of land restoration plans, better locate government services, assess the impact of road investment decisions on the accessibility of rural populations, and respond to natural disasters.

Our team of mappers and analysts have created processed to produce highly reliable data extremely quickly. This is useful when for maintaining a living map in a rapidly changing post-disaster situation. It also allows us to make targeted improvements to existing maps that are cheaper and more regular than traditional surveying.

Auditing and validation

When you are using a map for critical operations and decisionmaking, accuracy and completeness matter. We have extensive experience auditing and validating existing map data and create pipelines to automatically detect when the map may be out of date. Our analysts and mappers clean and augment data created by created by computer vision or by volunteer mappers. We are regular contributors to humanitarian mapping campaigns, validating the contributions by volunteers to make sure that responders are working with a highly quality map.

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Supercharging mappers

We use Machine Learning and Computer Vision to supercharge our data team. Machines can review massive amounts of imagery directing our mappers and analysts to areas where they provide most value. The team improves the state of machine learning by generating high fidelity training data for areas that have traditionally underperformed in ML. This allows us to quickly develop more accurate machine learning models for the under-mapped parts of the world. It also allows us to map huge areas far faster (and far cheaper) than would be possible by humans acting alone. We recently mapped the entire high voltage power grid of Pakistan, Nigeria, and Zambia in 1/20th of the time using machine learning techniques.

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Open Geospatial Data

We specialize in the creation and validation of open geospatial data, particularly on OpenStreetMap. We’ve made over 2 million edits to the map, adding anything from buildings and roads, to land use and coastlines. This experience allows us to deliver high volumes of data quickly, and do so with great precision and accuracy. Delivering data right the first time saves time and money, makes your AI work better, and leads to better decisions.

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