We’re looking for motivated and talented developers, designers, and mappers to join us for a summer internship. The internship program provides you the opportunity to work alongside our team on open-source projects that you’re passionate about.

Our internships are competitively-paid, 10 week positions that allow you to learn about the industries and communities we work in, and push our team and projects forward. You will work on real projects with leading civic, government, and media organizations. Your work will have positive real world impact. Your main focus will be on one of our open-source projects, but you’ll also be asked to jump on client projects to explore different areas of interest.

Check the following open-source projects to get a sense what you could be working on:

If you’d like to join us, the important dates are:

  • anytime - Start sending us your info!
  • Feb 15 - We’ll stop reading things you send us
  • April 15 - We’ll let you know, either way, what’s going on
  • Late May - Internship program will begin

To apply, send an email to jobs@developmentseed.org. Tell us a little about yourself and tell us how you’d improve an open-source project of your choice. Send along a resume and any other materials that show why you’d be a great fit for Development Seed.