It’s election day in the United States, so go vote now! Then come back and watch the results come in tonight with us on There you’ll find dynamic interactive maps visualizing the latest election results data in realtime. The results page is responsively designed to fit tablets and modern smart phones, as well as standard computer browsers.

In addition to live data layers overlaying MapBox maps, one of the feature we’re most excited about is a live update feed that brings you highlights derived directly from the data throughout the night such as when any race is won, a state swings its vote to another party for president, and new results start coming in. All map and table views have persistent URLs, so you can share a link to anything you like.

Testing the USA TODAY election results application on many devices.

We had a great time partnering with the talented team at USA TODAY to build a responsive dynamic mapping platform and realtime election dashboard. Check it out and let us know what you think on Twitter at @developmentseed. Results will start coming in around 7pm.

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