Week in DC Tech

Want to learn what local people are doing with web maps or Python, or want to hear why big data and open source matter in business? Then check out the meetups happening this week in Washington, DC. Below is our roundup of the week’s events, and you can find more over at DC Tech Events.

Tuesday, April 3

7:00 pm

DC Python: This month’s Python group meetup will feature a presentation on using the Python API to send push notifications to iOS, Android, and BlackBerry.

Wednesday, April 4

7:00 - 9:00 pm

GeoDC: Like to talk maps, GIS, and geo data? Come out for this lively meetup, which this month features lightning talks on rendering dynamic tiles with Mapnik and Tilelive and the new transit app OpenTripPlanner.

Thursday, April 5

6:00 pm

Open Analytics DC: This meetup will discuss the business value of big data and open source technologies, touching on the benefits of open source and agile building, and the performance and scalability of open tools.

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