UPDATE: We’re moving fast and the documentation discussed on this page is out of date. As of TileMill 0.7.0 you can upload to MapBox Hosting for free 7-day map hosting and use the embed feature to put your map on any webpage or CMS–including Drupal. For advanced integration, you can learn about when to use the MapBox API and Wax instead.

We had a great time showing how to use TileMill and TileStream with Drupal at Monday’s DC Drupal Meetup. As a followup, I’ve posted two documents that provide step-by-step instructions on how to get custom maps installed on your Drupal site.

To follow these steps, you’ll need to have TileMill installed on your computer and TileStream installed on a web accessible server. As you test these tools, feel free to join us on support.mapbox.com and in the #mapbox IRC channel on freenode.net. Feedback is highly encouraged.

Demoing TileMill at the DC Drupal meetup

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