As the development of mobile technology has increased in the past few years, the need for it has become even more apparent. Awesome open source mobile projects have been started so that mobile tools can benefit from community development and the broadest possible use, but until now they’ve generally been isolated as their own projects. This creates problems like duplication of efforts, which in turn slows development and limits adoption rates for each platform. A new organization – the Open Mobile Consortium – has formed to address these issue.

Here’s a look at the group’s website that just launched:

The Open Mobile Consortium’s goal is to build bridges between mobile open source projects and improve the overall quality of applications. The group will also tell stories about real-world use cases of mobile tools to help organizations better imagine how to use them in their own projects. Broadly speaking, the work will help connect the dots between specific technologies and the projects they facilitate to spur creativity and improve the quality and impact of open source mobile tools.

Open Mobile Consortium is made up of a group of experienced open mobilists from nine organizations. We’ve partnered with them to help launch the organization, coordinating with Hajo van Beijma from Text to Change, Katrin Verclas from Mobile Active, and Robert Kirkpatrick from InSTEDD on the design and development of the group’s first website. We’re really excited to see what happens with their project in the coming months.

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