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We solve the world's hardest problems with open data and open technology.

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We’re mapping elections from Afghanistan to the United States, analyzing public health and economic data from Palestine to Illinois, and leading the strategy and development behind data.worldbank.org, open.undp.org, and Pillbox. While our projects can be both big and small — they are always impactful.

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Impactful Data

We work with every imaginable type of data, from modeling algorithms, to disease tracking, to real-time polling data. We combine and analyze data to derive insight and to build tools that tell powerful stories. We strategically use open data to drive social and economic development.

Understanding our Planet

From analyzing the latest satellite imagery to processing live data from mobile phones, our tools track timely information on populations and the planet. We harness data responsibly to help our partners respond to disasters, protect rain forests, track conflict, and prepare for climate change.

Open Tools for Open Data

We help governments at all levels to deploy sustainable open source infrastructure that genuinely empowers citizens with open data.

Making impact with open and making open impactful

Open Source Technology. Open Data. Open Networks.

We help our partners to approach open data strategically. We build data pipelines that produce high quality data. We release useful open data and reduce friction around reuse. We’re building communities around data.

Our partners need scalable, resilient tools for their mission critical operations. We leverage the security, power, flexibility, and sustainability that only open source software can provide.

We build open tools that people love. We make open impactful by building open source tools and open data products that are elegant and accessible. Thoughtfulness, intentionality, and quality design define every project. This ensures that our work benefits those who need it most.

We contribute back to the open projects and communities to push the limits of the possible and strengthen the wider open source community.

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We're a team of engineers and designers working on big projects. We believe in open source and in building for lasting impact.

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