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Zac is a product manager at Development Seed. In order to design and deliver innovative and accessible solutions, he strives to understand users. He brings extensive experience working with two NASA groups - Commercial SmallSat Data Acquisition (CSDA) program and Airborne Data Management Group (ADMG), demonstrating his expertise in handling complex technical projects.

With a background in geospatial and computer science, Zac brings a multidisciplinary product management approach specializing in decision-making within uncertain and complex systems. He brings an abundance of curiosity and experience in navigating complexity. He cut his teeth working for a geospatial design studio called Anagraph, where he built applications for utility organizations, financial institutions, insurance companies, municipalities, and NGOs. The common thread was the importance of geospatial data to manage risks and a human-centered design approach to product development. In addition, Zac is a generalist who is equally comfortable diving into technical issues or hosting collaborative sense-making workshops.

Zac holds a multidisciplinary degree in Computer Science, GIS, and Environmental Science, which he earned while meandering through Sherbrooke and McGill University. You can find Zac somewhere around Squamish (BC) in his free time, trail running, skiing, or rock climbing. He also coaches youth basketball and indulges in his love of chess.

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