Artem Pavlenko +

Artem builds the core infrastructure behind MapBox's suite of mapping tools. As the creator of Mapnik, the open source map renderer powering many open source mapping tools including MapBox's map design studio TileMill and huge live updating datasets like OpenStreetMap, Artem is uniquely positioned to be building the next generation of web mapping tools. He joins MapBox after playing a critical role in MapQuest Open's launch on open source Mapnik and OpenStreetMap data.

Artem is an open source advocate and enthusiast, continuing to lead Mapnik's core development and actively involved in the OpenStreetMap community. He is a regular speaker at open source conferences such as State of the Map and FOSS4G, as well as the Society of Cartographers Summer School. Artem's been involved in geo work since 1997, having worked in traditional GIS, neo-geography, and web-mapping. He's also a highly skilled programmer, currently favoring the C++ and Python languages.

Prior to his involvement in mapping, Artem was a guitarist in a rock band in Moscow. He has a Master's degree in radio-electronics from the Moscow Institute of Aviation and currently lives with his family in Charlbury, England.


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