The World Bank's communications team is made up of 100s people working in dozens of offices around the world and frequently traveling on assignment. They needed a way to communicate that was accessible and easy for everyone to use, no matter where they were located. We developed a web-based knowledge management portal to help their team communicate with each other and collaborate on projects, topics, and specific outreach.

Now when a communication crisis happens, they go to their intranet to organize their experts. If there is an issue with dams, for instance, anyone on the site can create a group on dams, find people with expertise in hydroelectricity or crisis communication, and add them to the group. They can then turn on tools within the group as needed to help them communicate, like a blog for internal threaded discussions to replace email chains, or a wiki for managing notes – all while staying constantly up-to-date with real time notifications.

We built the World Bank's knowledge management platform so that it could be easily replicated and used by other teams at the World Bank with little extra work. The World Bank did just this to create a new community site for their Innovation Days event, designed to feature innovative work happening around the world. We added a few custom features that were needed, but saved time and cost in developer and training time by building off the existing communications portal.

The knowledge management framework we used with the World Bank became the open source Open Atrium project.


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