We worked closely with the United Nations Millennium Campaign for more than three years, building a total of five websites, to help their web team implement creative organizing and marketing ideas. Most notable among them was the website for the annual Stand Against Poverty campaign, a global anti-poverty event in which tens of thousands of people came together to organize the participation of almost 117 million activists in 2008 (the last year in which we were involved with the site). In addition to the site's need for a robust organizers' toolkit and multilingual capabilities, the website also needed to withstand a huge surge of traffic the weekend the event was held, and our team helped provide advice and performance tuning work to keep the site alive during peak traffic.

We also built the United Nations Millennium Campaign's main site, a custom public service campaign site featuring celebrities like Shakira and Michael Douglas talking about the importance of the Millennium Development Goals, and a coalition blog for experts promoting the Millennium Development Goals to share knowledge with each other. In addition to building these tools for specific projects, we also advised their team on online strategy, particularly in better monitoring news to refine and focus outreach efforts, and on managing information among its great coalition of partners.


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