Infant patient gets a check up in India Infant patient gets a check up in India.Photo courtesy of The Wold Bank.

Mapping Public Health Projects

We worked with Results for Development to launch the Center for Health Market Innovations, a project that opens up data about public health projects happening around the world. This portal represents an important open data advance for the global public health community.


The site currently profiles hundreds of private sector health programs and allows practitioners and researchers to filter, map, export, and even add to the data to produce better analytical research in the global public health sector. It also has a "pipeline" feature that encourages colleagues in the field to add data on projects that aren't currently profiled, in one of the project's efforts to expand its coverage.

Managing Operational Data

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The project is setting out to collect a huge amount of operational data related to innovative private sector health care businesses, programs, and social enterprises around the world and then evaluate that data to see which approaches are working and which aren't.


One problem facing the Center for Health Market Innovations is that with no precedent for this kind of analysis, it's not clear what data is most relevant to collect, or even how many relevant programs might exist. Their goal was to develop a tool that would help them refine their data model over the next five years as they actually worked to collect and analyze data from different sources.


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