Collection forms

The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), the World Health Organization's main arm in the Latin America and Caribbean region, responds to any crisis that affects countries in the region. To respond more efficiently during emergencies they needed a system that would allow field offices to quickly collect and distribute relevant data and information to centralized regional offices and PAHO headquarters. We built an web-based data collection platform to help them do this.

Using the platform, field offices can turn on a new instance when a disaster strikes and use pre-formed data collections forms as a basis to collect information, and upon entering it automatically send it to PAHO's regional offices and headquarters. This gives on the ground staff a resource to start communicating about the disaster as soon as they can get online, and allows PAHO staff to see and access the data as soon as it's entered into the system, improving the speed at which data is disseminated and can be acted on.


To best serve the region, the data collection platform is in Spanish.


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