Design, host, and share your own custom maps

MapBox makes it easy to design beautiful custom maps, and fast to integrate them into websites and mobile applications. Whether you want to visualize census data in Chicago, monitor seismic activity in the aftermath of the Japan earthquake, plot drone strikes in Pakistan, or analyze election results in Afghanistan, MapBox will help you make more sense of your data.

MapBox is our suite of open source tools for creating, hosting, and sharing web maps.

Overview of our tools

TileMill is a design studio for creating maps from custom and publicly available geodata. TileMill radically lowers the barrier to entry to web cartography by streamlining the mapping process through an elegant interface. TileMill includes data inspection, layer management, palette design, typographical tools, and export to standard, portable map formats.

Data analysts, GIS experts, journalists, and web designers can get started with modern web cartography in minutes with TileMill.

MapBox Hosting makes it easy to host and share maps created with TileMill. TileStream serves map tiles at high speeds immediately after you upload any MBTiles map file exported from TileMill onto our cloud-based hosting infrastructure.

MapBox Hosting provides a suite of tools for building, sharing, and analyzing maps in the wild. An intuitive map builder and layer compositor lets you combine contextual base layers with overlay data, and you can copy and paste embeddable interactive maps onto any web page. If your map goes viral, TileStream has analytics for you to see exactly how your map is being used.

The MapBox iPad app lets you take maps anywhere with or without an internet connection. The MapBox iPad app can be used for presentations, offline mapping, and live visualization of situational data where it matters most - on the ground.


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